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Product Review: Thetford 42062 Aqua Magic Style II Toilet, High / Bone

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Product: Thetford 42062 Aqua Magic Style II Toilet, High / Bone

Price:  $153.45

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Size: 23 x 35 x 18 inches, 34.4 pounds

Warranty: Yes

My Rating: 5 Stars

 Thetford 42062 Aqua Magic Style II Toilet – Product Overview:

The Aqua Magic Style II Toilet from Thetford offers a single pedal design with a powerful flush which means full bowl coverage for optimal cleaning every time.

The 34.4 pound weight gives the RV owner comfort knowing this toilet does not over-burden the pedestal or base.

This toilet measures 14″ from the base to the highest part of the toilet allowing for optimal height for most any user. Not too tall. Not too short.

The china bowl makes for easy cleaning but also does not add much to the overall weight. The full-sized, comfortable residential seat has an antimicrobial feature that actually makes it resistant to odor causing bacteria and mold growth.

This  particular Thetford toilet model comes with a ball valve that wipes clean with every flush.


Let’s face it, whether you buy a new or used RV, having the most appropriate toilet in your RV is a necessity. If you buy a used RV, for your own safety and comfort, you’ll want to purchase a new toilet.

Our used Class-C RV came with a decent model but had the side flush mechanism which meant bending over the top of the toilet to operate the flush valve. A toilet in a new RV should not have to be replaced in most instances, unless the design is not favored by the owner.

Mark is very handy with most of the maintenance work on our RV, but when we purchased the Thetford 42062 Aqua Magic Style II toilet the base was different than our previous model, which means the water line connection was out of alignment. We called our local RV repair service who completed the installation process for us.

Comfort, style, full flush coverage and the convenient flush mechanism toward the front side of the toilet, along with the decent price, meant this was an excellent buy that satisfied all of our needs.





2 thoughts on “Product Review: Thetford 42062 Aqua Magic Style II Toilet, High / Bone

  1. Interesting review. Thanks, Sue. Yes, this is one thing I did not ‘really’ think about if I ‘lived on the road’, but it is so essential to have the best and the right one. Thanks for such an eye-opener. It is amazing the things we ‘take for granted’.

    1. Hi Michelle, Out of all the RV-related items I can easily review, I chose this one because of that vary reason. Comfort, affordability and functionality are essential. Thank you for your comment.

      I wish you all the best.

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