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I’m glad you arrived at this page. Here, you will find a list of services I offer that might just help you with your own blog/website.

Before purchasing any of these services listed, please complete the form below, so I am able to help you in the best possible way.

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How May I Be of Service to You?

Below are a few of my qualifications:

  • 20+ years writing content on a variety of topics.
  • Native English speaker
  • Published Writer
  • I will ensure that your document flows naturally and organically.
  • I use spell-checking and grammar checking software, but I also review every word manually.
  • Correct sentence structure and punctuation can make a big difference in your article.
  • I understand the importance of deadlines and respective of same.

Content Writing

It’s not easy coming up with converting, SEO content for your website/blog. Catchy, interesting headlines and photos are sometimes hard to find. These are a few reasons why you might want me to write your content for you.

0 – 500 words: $10.00

501-1200 words: $25.00

Over 1200 words, please use the form above before ordering any service and once we agree to the terms, I will invoice accordingly.

Proofreading and Editing 

You enjoy writing articles for your blog and your website content, but want another set of eyes to make sure every word is just how you want it. Let me be your second set of eyes with proofreading, editing and grammar checking.

Articles up to 1000 words: $5.00

Articles up to 3000 words: $10.00

Product Descriptions  

Writing product descriptions can be a challenge for even the most skilled writer. I previously worked with one of the best Amazon product description writers on the internet. I can help you by writing descriptions that first define who your buyer is, then listing the product’s features and benefits. Buyers don’t want to know what your product does. They want to know how it will benefit them. How it will solve their problem and make life easier for them. Adding in a clearly defined guarantee and a strong call-to-action will seal the deal for you.

1 – product, up to 500 words: $5.00

5 – products, up to 500 words: $25.00

More than 5 products, please use the contact form above before placing an order.

Website Content and Article Proofreading

0 – 500 words: $5.00

501 – 2000 words: $10.00

2000 + words: $25.00

I am happy to proofread your website content, but you will need to send it to me in a Word document. I will make the necessary corrections and return it to your given email.

Social Media Commenting and Posting

If you want the traffic to your website to soar, then proper posting on social media is very important. Keeping up with posting and commenting can be a daunting task and takes hours away from you doing what you love to do…grow your audience and reach more customers.

Outsourcing this task to someone with, not only SEO experience, but also experience in all major social media platforms is crucial to the growth of your traffic. The comments or posts I write for you will be natural, conversational, engaging and relevant.

3 comments:  $5.00

5 comments: $10.00

10 comments: $15.00

If you are interested in any of the above services, please click the Paypal button below. For any questions or custom requests, please complete the contact form above.