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Setting up an RV campsite, as Sean & Kristy Michael of Long, Long Honeymoon show in this video, does not have to be difficult. Setting up RV campsite

Mark and I have our routines when we’re setting up at a new site. I do all the inside and Mark does all the outside chores. Whoever finishes first, helps the other one.

We travel fairly light, so set up is normally easy. A small 8 by 10 outdoor rug, two folding chairs two tables, one for our grill and one in between us. That’s it.

We, unfortunately, do not have stabilizing jacks on our 2005 Tioga, so we rely on our Lynx Levelers.  Specifically, we use Tri-Lynx 00015 Lynx Levelers from Amazon.

I hope you will find this video as helpful as we did.

Happy Camping!

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