Camping and Keto

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I’m sure by now you’ve heard of the Ketogenic WOE (way of eating) and most likely know someone who is living this lifestyle, but did you know it’s also the perfect fit for the camping

What ever your reason for wanting or needing  to lose weight, finding the formula for weight loss that works best for you is sometimes a maze of endless twists and turns. Starts and stops. Sugar is addictive. Artificial sweeteners are also addictive.

I recently discovered the Keto way of eating that has changed everything I thought I knew about dieting.

Once again, you’re probably wondering what in the world does Keto have to do with camping and living in an RV.  My adventure so far will enlighten you.

In my previous post, Does This RV Make Me Look Fat, I talked about how easy it is to gain weight living and traveling in an RV. Unless you are hiking, kayaking, swimming, jogging or walking miles every day, you’ve probably noticed a few (cough) extra pounds accumulating in unwanted places.

For me, I have to have a gimmick to kick-start myself into “diet mode.” I’ve probably done every diet  around, including garcinia cambogia, the miracle fruit from wherever. It did nothing for me, except lighten my wallet. 

Health issues have not been a problem…yet. Although, the “moderately obese” label my doctor gave me was enough.

My daughter came to a family get-together at my son and daughter-in-law’s house for Mother’s Day. I hadn’t seen her for nearly two months. She’s a very busy mom with three young sons with a full-time job, on top of learning martial arts. Her progress on the Keto way of eating was noticeable, along with her martial arts training, making her lean and toned.

I glanced at the pictures taken on Mother’s Day and knew I had to do something. Besides my doctor telling me I was moderately obese, the pictures were a glaring reminder that my eating habits had to change…NOW!

The very basis of a Ketogenic diet is high fat, moderate protein and low carbs. The daily goal I set for myself is approximately 10 to 15 grams of carbs, minimum to moderate protein and maximum fat. I don’t starve. I eat until I’m full and stop. I do a 24 hour fast once a week and fast in between breakfast and dinner and then again between dinner and bedtime.

We do a lot of grilling. Burgers, bacon, chicken, fish and, of course, steak. Vegetables and/or salad always accompany our meals. My husband is diabetic and this lifestyle is also a great fit for him. No potatoes, bread, rice or pasta. No processed sugars and far less processed foods period. I love it because I have no cravings.

The basic idea of keto is that if you’re not consuming sugars and starches, your body will begin to burn fat (ketosis). At the time of completing this post, I am starting my third month of the keto WOE (way of eating). At this point, I have lost 20 pounds and several inches all over my body. I still have another 25 pounds to go. Does this RV Make me Look Fat

New update! I’m now well into my fourth month and teetering on the brink of a 30 pound weight loss. I feel great and no longer hide from mirrors or from seeing my reflection in windows. I still have 20 pounds to go and I know I will get there.

Along with camping, we lead an active lifestyle, living in our RV and traveling as much as possible.

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